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Welcome to ViP Sparklers! We have been in a part of the wedding industry for 10 years and are proud to have been a part of thousands of weddings. We are in love with being a part of such a special day; every day, we have the honor of speaking with bride and grooms from all over the United States and are continuing to learn about new wedding trends and wedding supplies. It is an ever-changing industry with so many different forms of expressing your very special wedding day.
Our selection of wedding products begin with our famous Wedding Sparklers. Wedding Sparklers have been a popular product for wedding exits. Commonly referred as sparkler exits or sparkler sendoffs, wedding planners agree that any wedding should end with a memorable wedding exit! Sparklers have become a staple in wedding exists given their magical appeal and undeniably amazing wedding pictures. Bride, grooms, and wedding guests always look forward to seeing their amazing sparkler pictures.

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  • Sale! wedding sparklers package

    Wedding Sparklers Package

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    We are happy to offer a complete Wedding Sparklers Package with discounted prices! Enjoy the beautiful decorated look of Wedding Sparklers with the addition of wedding sparkler buckets.

    • 36 inch sparklers last 3 1/2 – 4 minutes
    • 20 inch sparklers last 2 1/2 – 3 minutes
    • 15 inch Galvanized Steel Buckets
    • Wedding Photographer approved
    • Wedding Venue approved
    • 24 FREE premium sparklers
    • FREE shipping eligible


  • Sparklers-For-Weddings

    Wedding Sparklers

    Rated 4.55 out of 5


    ViP Sparklers offers true Wedding Sparklers for your wedding night! Every Sparkler is made with a steel wire core to ensure a smokeless and ash-less display. Our Wedding Sparklers are double dipped which allow each sparkler to burn evenly to help execute that fairy-tale ending. We carry the three most popular wedding sparkler sizes and you can easily check below to see which one suits your wedding size. Exit Sparklers are one of the hottest wedding trends in 2018 and will create some of the best wedding photo’s of your entire night! 






  • Wedding Tags For Sparklers

    Wedding Sparkler Tags

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Wedding tags are a great way to dress up your wedding sparklers!  Our sparkler tags are custom made at ViP Sparklers. Our wedding sparkler tags are a great way to decorate each individual sparkler and make it easy for your guests to grab as they exit. We custom print each wedding tag with your exit time coupled with, “Sparks Will Fly”. To create the ideal wedding sparkler display we encourage purchasing our wedding sparkler bucket to complete the look!  Our sparkler tags are made quickly and fit on all wedding sparkler sizes.

    *Wedding Tags are printed with the phrase LET LOVE SPARKLE (not customized)*

  • Sale! Wedding-Sparklers-Heart

    Heart Shaped Sparklers

    Rated 4.73 out of 5


    The best heart shaped sparklers for events and celebrations. Our custom designed packaging was created to enhance even the most elegant affair. These heart sparklers can be handed out as wedding favors. Just as traditional sparklers for weddings are used, these romantic heart sparklers can be used to form a passageway or a sparkling tunnel for the couple to pass through while exiting the venue. We even offer large orders of bulk heart sparklers or wholesale sparklers for all venues and events. Our heart shaped sparklers have the longest burn time on the market at just over one minute! If your looking for a unique wedding favor look no further than our cheap heart sparklers.  These heart shaped sparklers start with two sparks at the top and slowly go around the entire heart until the two sparks meet again. These heart shaped sparklers are the perfect addition to your wedding!

    Includes 10 FREE Premium Sparklers (10inch sparklers with a burn time of about one minute)

  • Dessert-Sparklers

    Wedding Cake Sparklers

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Wedding Cake Sparklers are the ideal sparkling candles for weddings!  We created these sparklers for wedding cakes that are 100% safe for use. These cake sparklers were specifically designed to go on birthday cakes and desserts and will leave no residue at all.  These are often called birthday sparklers or candle sparklers and are safe for all indoor events and cakes!  This is a sure way to impress everyone on your wedding day with these sparkling candles! Our cake sparklers come in gold or silver designs to match all birthday and wedding cakes.  This is the best way to spice up the cutting of the cake ceremony with our cake birthday candle sparklers!  We even offer free shipping with all sparkling birthday candles!


  • wedding sparkler buckets

    Wedding Sparkler Buckets

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Wedding Buckets are the perfect match for your wedding sparklers! These 15″ galvanized buckets for weddings are ideal for 36 inch and 20 inch wedding sparklers. These sparkler buckets can easily fit over one hundred sparklers! Our tin buckets for sparklers make it easy for your wedding guests to easily grab a wedding sparkler as they exit to lineup for the sparkling exit!  The best part about our wedding buckets is now you can showcase your wedding sparklers to everyone! Now everyone will be able to see the sparkler buckets and sparklers letting them to know to stay until the very end for the night for the sparkler exit!

    Make sure to include our Wedding Sparklers to complete your wedding sparkler display!


  • sky lanterns for wedding exit

    Sky Lanterns

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Sky lanterns give you the opportunity to create a truly unique experience for your wedding night or event. You can be sure everyone will love to use floating lanterns and experience the heartfelt process. When these paper lanterns are simultaneously release into the night sky they create a fully mesmerizing display.  We offer sky lanterns for sale in all quantities and discounts.  ViP Sparklers is the place where to buy sky lanterns.  Give our floating lanterns a try at your next event and have a story to tell for a long time!

  • glow necklaces

    Club Glow Necklaces



    Let us help you light up the night with our assorted glow necklaces. These vibrant nightclub glow necklaces last for over ten hours and are only a one time use. Our light up glow necklaces have been seen at major events like ULTRA in Miami and major other concerts.  For festivals we offer amazing bulk glow necklaces sales. Wear your glow necklaces in anyway you wish: as a halo or necklace!  Let our glow necklaces be the statement of your outfit or event! To activate your nightclub glow necklaces snap them and then shake it until the entire necklace is glowing!  We offer our light up glow necklaces in packs of fifty and one hundred. A growing trend with our glow necklaces is during the wedding exit. Guests can either wear the light up glow necklaces or sling them as the bride and groom exit their reception!  Make sure to check out our other glow items!

  • handheld wedding popper

    Wedding Poppers



    Wedding Poppers are a fun and exciting alternative to sparklers on your wedding day! Party poppers are also referred to as confetti poppers for weddings. These come with an exclusive design specifically made for weddings with a touch of class! These wedding poppers are great wedding favors to place on top of everyone’s wedding table.  Each package of party poppers includes 72 or 144 poppers!  Wedding poppers are 100% safe for indoor and outdoor event use.  Party poppers can be used just for fun throughout the wedding night or after weddings toasts!  Their is never any shortage of fun with our wedding party poppers!