Bridal Preparations: Achieve that Well Toned Sparkling Body

Bridal Preparations: Achieve that Well Toned Sparkling Body

Getting Ready For the Sparkling Exit

Getting married is a perfect excuse to start your journey in getting your body back into that almost hourglass figure. Walking down the aisle is like a fashion show in a beauty contest, all eyes will be on you and you’ll get judged from head to toe. Therefore, you would want to look perfect in every angle as much as possible. Our goal is to get you fit so you look amazing on your wedding day!  Below are some helpful tips on doing just that!

Aside from deciding on the venue, choosing an overall theme, and tasting the menu, one of the most important aspects in wedding preparation is achieving your look from hair down to your toes. Months before your wedding you already purchased that dream wedding gown, it’s a perfect fit back then. However, wedding preparations caused too much stress eating that leads to unexpected weight gain. Weeks before your wedding you tried out your dress again and you noticed the unwanted fats protruding on places you didn’t expected. Flappy arms, widened love handles, and slightly bigger hips will need much repair on your outfit.

Lucky are those brides who are blessed with a slim figure and those who don’t miss their gym session. It can be tormenting to those brides who are not really fit to achieve their desired dress size if their wedding is just around the corner. So, days after he proposed to you it’s better to put on those running shoes again and modify your eating habits.

For some, starving themselves to death is their idea of losing weight. This is a very bad idea. You are depriving your body essential nutrients like sugar which is very important for your brain to function. Plus, skipping meals just makes you want to eat more. If your main concern is bloating, you can prevent that by having small frequent meals of low carbs and calorie food items. Dieting alone is not enough, you must also engage in some exercise routines in order to focus on areas that needs to be toned down.

To maintain and tone your body, here are some simple exercise routines that if done regularly will show noticeable results. Exercise is good for your body and also it strengthens your vital organs such as your heart and lungs.

Burpees to Boost Your Cardio For That Wedding Dress

It is a very challenging workout routine that really involves the muscles in your body. You should start first in beginner mode by stepping both feet back and gently assume a push up position. Then kick both of your feet in, tuck your knees, then stand up. This can be really exhausting on your first try to the point where you can’t literally catch your breath. Start with 10 repetitions first with 30 second break in each set of three.

Once you progress in the intermediate level which can take maybe after a week, replace stepping by jumping and hopping. Your moves should be much faster and finer. Always keep your tummy tucked to support your lower back. Proper breathing during the entire routine is very important

Tommy Tip: Burpees is an intense cardiac work out that will really make you sweat. Make sure to be properly rehydrated and do a simple jog in place or jumping jacks before you begin. Do this for at least 5 days in a week along with other exercises.

Squats for Bums and Tums To Shape Your Dream Dress

It may appear as a simple routine but wait until you try it out. There are plenty of squat exercises that aims to strengthen the muscles on your legs and town down your bums and tums. You could try the squat and knee chest where in after you assume the squat position, you will raise one leg and tuck it as far as you can near to your chest. Do this in two sets for each leg. Another squat modification is the squat and front kick wherein after you do the squat, you will do a powerful front kick in each leg. The most challenging is the squat and jump, after you squeeze the muscles in your thighs during the squat position, you will powerfully jump on both feet and land softly on the floor.

Tommy Tip: When you’re performing a difficult exercise routine and you feel so exhausted, do not give up. Finish that routine. You have to develop a motivation that you’re doing this for yourself, to stay and look healthy. Sometimes it’s hard to balance work, social life, and exercising that’s why you can visit to help you develop a schedule that will tailor fit your needs.

Pull Ups for a Perfectly Toned Upper Body

Surprisingly, pull ups will not only tone your flabby arms but it’s also a great way to begin forming an abs. For beginners, this routine will be a lot challenging since it requires a huge deal of power from your arms to pull your entire body. But as you practice, it will be easier for you to keep up.

Don’t force yourself in the beginning. You can try hard to overcome your limits but at a slow pace. If performing this exercise in your house, you might need a smith machine. Or, you can hire a laborer to fix a bar on your wall if you have enough space. While performing this movement, avoid movement on your lower body for it adds additional tension on your arms. Be sure to breathe properly and put your stomach in all the time.

Tommy Tip: While performing pull ups, draw all your pressure from your shoulder bones and arm muscles. Do not attempt to spring upward using lower body force for it may cause you to strain the muscles on your upper extremities. It’s okay to be take it slow at first. Even the best trainers begin at baby steps. Give yourself a span of 4 weeks to see desired changes.

Dumbbell 4 Way Lunge for Your Thighs and Arms

This form of routine is also good for toning shoulder muscles and thighs as well as tightening your abdominal walls. Once you begin an exercise, you must have a mindset that you will not stop until you achieve you goal. A whole body work out really requires determination and patience. You might look yourself in the mirror after an intense training and yet you see no changes. Don’t get disappointed. Body builders started from nothing. It took them years of proper diet and religious training in the gym.

Getting Ready For That Grand Exit Wedding

All these and more are just basics to getting you ready to walk down that isle and out that grand wedding exit. ViP Sparklers is here to give you the latest tips for your big day. Don’t forget your wedding sparklers for photos and guests to show off your perfect body. You worked hard for this and you will be delighted to have come to us for the most updated information.

Ab Popper for a Flat Tummy

For most women, muffin tops and flabby abs are a big problem especially in a wedding dress. Maintaining a flat belly requires intense dedication on proper diet and regular ab exercises.

If you’re already on the journey towards fitness and you are not sure about balancing your workout schedule from your usual routine, you can visit for guidance. If heading to the gym is a bit time consuming, you can train within the comforts of your own home. Just go to and train with a professional where you could also get a 14 day FREE trial.

Tommy’s Bio:

A distributed creator of the 10-Pound SHRED, Master Trainer, and father of two – Tommy is no doubt understood for his in-your-face, no reasons preparing methodology. His 24 years in the wellness business, including 11 years as an expert football player have permitted him to comprehend and acknowledge what it takes to be your BEST, which drove him to add to his transformational SHRED preparing theory that is at the heart of every one of his projects.

SHRED = Strength, Heart, Resilience

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