Wholesale Sparklers

ViP Sparklers is the leading sparkler company when it come to competitive prices and offers! A few months ago, we incorporated a permanent wholesale package for customers to enjoy. With several vendors exclusively working with our VIP team, our sparklers in bulk were immediately well received and quickly grew in popularity! Given the variety in our inventory, we are able to offer our most popular wedding sparklers from our larger 36 inch sparklers to our smallest 10 inch sparklers. Both personal and larger sized events can take full advantage of our wholesale sparkler prices. Customers can simply select their sparkler size; 10 inch, 20 inch, or 36 inch sparklers and their quantity and reach out to us via email or phone. Our VIP team is also available for custom sizes and combinations.

Wedding Sparklers Wholesale

Over the course of the last fifteen years VIP Sparklers has made connections with wedding coordinators & event planners across the nation that receive discounts on wedding sparklers. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding special pricing if you have newlyweds and events on a regular basis. We strive to create new relationships within the event planning community. VIP Sparklers now offers wholesale bottle sparkler packages to help catering halls, parties, clubs and hotel venues. If you have any questions about our bulk sparklers for sale do not hesitate to contact us! 



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Bulk Sparklers

Customers can enjoy our sparkler bulk offer and rest assure that they will receive top quality sparklers. Our sparklers are wedding and venue approved! Normally, wholesale sparkler offers include your traditional, smoky 4th of July sparklers. Though incredibly affordable, 4th of July sparklers will not produce stellar wedding pictures. Additionally, almost all wedding venues do not allow this type of sparkler due to their excessive smoke and ash. The culprit responsible for the poor quality of 4th of July sparklers is the wooden (bamboo) core. As the sparkler burns, it also burns the core of the sparkler. On the other hand, our sale priced whole sale sparklers are composed of steel wire cores. As a result, the sparkler sparkles consistently, evenly, and with little to no smoke and ash. Since sparklers are most commonly used for wedding exits, customers require a sparkler that will burn for a reasonable amount of time. VIP’s sparklers for weddings are categorized by size and burning time, giving you full control over which sparkler works best for your event/ wedding. Save when purchasing our sparklers at wholesale prices and enjoy all the benefits of true wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparkler Wholesale

VIP Sparklers offers two methods for ordering sparklers in bulk: online or directly over the phone with our VIP team. We are more than happy to work closely with all our customers, both vendors and bridal party. VIP understands the importance of finding a trustworthy company that will deliver your special wedding favors in a timely manner. We have several teams who offer personable assistance. If you are contacting us past our hours of operation for instance, our social media team (Facebook) is available until 11pm Eastern time, seven days a week! We are proud to be one of the only wedding sparkler companies to offer excellent customer care access. In the past, when customers have chosen our bulk sparkler quantities, we’ve noticed that they typically want to mix and match sparkler sizes with a unique quantity. As such, we encourage all our customers to contact us with any questions or requests. Oftentimes, we are able to offer exclusive offers to customers who contact us. Our VIP team simply loves being a part of your special day and is more than happy to meet all of your sparkler needs!

So how exactly can the customer take full advantage of our wholesale sparkler offers? Our wholesale sparkler quantity begins at 288 sparklers in all quantities (10inch, 20inch, and 36inch). Our common, non-wholesale quantities begin at 48, but customers always have the option of choosing even smaller quantities! We try our best to offer flexible choices to match your event/ wedding needs. For every quantity offered, we also have the option of “multiplying” your order. In other words, customers can choose our bulk sparkler option of 288 sparklers and select to multiply it by three (total of 864 sparklers)! The more you multiply, the more you save! If you feel you are purchasing a large amount of sparklers, give us a call so we can discuss pricing options that meet your wedding budget.

Sparklers Wholesale

We understand that every customer will not need 864 sparklers for their event. We are also aware that local wedding venues may require 1000’s of sparklers at a time. VIP Sparklers is one of the few companies to cater to every customer without sacrificing quality. We believe that every company should enjoy the VIP experience; every single customer is a VIP member! Every customer enjoys the perks of being a VIP member when selecting VIP Sparklers as their sparkler provider.

We want our customers to view our wholesale packages as customizable. Our professional VIP staff has years of experience working with wedding coordinators, bride and grooms, bridal parties, and wedding venues. Our team is aware that every wedding requires its own effort and details. If a customer wishes to order our wholesale sparkler package but mix and match sparkler sizes as well as the inclusion of other products, such as heart sparklers, we are more than happy to customize your sparkler bulk order. We also encourage every customer to include the event date on their order; if we are aware of the event date, our shipping department can assure your order arrives on time. If the selected shipping option is FREE SHIPPING but the event/ wedding is only a week away, we would definitely contact the customer and inform them of a more appropriate shipping option.
Our priority is to make sure you receive your sparklers early! We understand some bridal parties wish to decorate the sparklers or arrange them as center pieces. We actually included Sparkler Buckets in our inventory to help create a Wholesale Sparkler Package with even more savings! With our shipping department working closely with every order, we strive to ship your bulk sparkler order on time in order for an early arrival. Our multiple shipping options also allow for expedited delivery just in case sparklers became a last minute option.

Sparklers in Bulk

As you may have noticed, VIP Sparklers specializes in both weddings and nightclubs. Following the wholesale wedding sparkler package, we opted to create a wholesale nightclub/ bar package! One of our most popular nightclub items is champagne sparklers. Also known as bottle sparklers, this nightclub product creates an everlasting experience with every customer! With our bulk sparkler package of 240, 400, and 500, restaurants, bars and lounges can transform bottle service and make their customers feel like true VIP’s. In addition to bottle sparklers, our inventory includes another great wholesale sparkler: dessert sparklers! Imagine adding a fun twist to your desserts for anniversary or birthday celebrations. Our wholesale prices include dessert sparkler packages for venues seeking to stock up on their dessert sparklers. Please keep in mind that either item can be purchased in smaller quantities just in case you wish to first try the product before purchasing a bulk order.

Enjoy the huge savings of buying in bulk! We created wholesale sparkler packages in order to help bride and grooms with their wedding budgets. No sparkler is excluded from our wholesale offer: 36inch, 20inch, 10inch, bottle sparklers and dessert sparklers are all part of our bulk prices. When choosing which sparkler size to purchase, simply keep in mind that 36inch sparklers burn for about 3.5 minutes, 20inch sparklers for about 2.5 minutes, and 10inch sparklers for about 45 seconds.
We placed great effort in creating fantastic prices for our wholesale sparkler offers. With your wedding budget in mind, VIP Sparklers’ bulk orders are based on savings that no other competitor can match! Our Customer Care team is always available for custom sparkler bulk orders just in case a customer wishes to mix and match several sparkler sizes. With huge savings and the magic of sparklers, your sparkler exit is bound to be perfect!