LED Strobe Baton at club mokai with dom perignon blonde and brunette hostess and bartender

LED Strobe Baton



LED Strobe batons are the best alternative to nightclub bottle sparklers.  These Nightclub Strobe Batons each have 30 pulsing vibrant LED lights attached to each one.  Our LED strobe lights were designed to be the brightest and best product if you can no longer use champagne bottle sparklers.  Currently these LED Strobe batons are being used all over the Las Vegas and in New York City.  These nightclub strobe batons are guaranteed to grab everyone’s eyes in the club while delivering bottle service. LED Strobe  lights are even a great addition to bars, nightclubs, and lounges for security purposes.  Our favorite party about these nightclub strobe batons is they are continually reusable with batteries.

*Our LED Strobe Batons require 6 AAA batteries (not included)




LED Strobe Baton

Our vibrant pulsing 30 LED Strobe Light Baton has been created for use in all forms of club scenes! Our LED Strobe Baton was designed to be an alternative to champagne bottle sparklers!  Currently, they are being used in all of the Las Vegas Strip for bottle service on ViP tables.  Guaranteed to attract everyone’s eyes, Club LED Batons are a great alternative to sparklers! Using an LED Strobe Baton is a great addition to restaurants, bars, or nightclubs that are not allowed to use dessert sparklers or bottle sparklers.

LED Batons create very similar effects as Champagne Bottle Sparklers by taking advantage of the bright LED lights and effects. Unlike Bottle Sparklers, LED Batons can be reused every single night!

*Our LED Strobe Batons require 6 AAA batteries (not included)

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in
LED Batons

One Baton, Three Batons, Six Batons


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