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  • LED Strobe Baton at club mokai with dom perignon blonde and brunette hostess and bartender

    LED Strobe Baton



    LED Strobe batons are the best alternative to nightclub bottle sparklers.  These Nightclub Strobe Batons each have 30 pulsing vibrant LED lights attached to each one.  Our LED strobe lights were designed to be the brightest and best product if you can no longer use champagne bottle sparklers.  Currently these LED Strobe batons are being used all over the Las Vegas and in New York City.  These nightclub strobe batons are guaranteed to grab everyone’s eyes in the club while delivering bottle service. LED Strobe  lights are even a great addition to bars, nightclubs, and lounges for security purposes.  Our favorite party about these nightclub strobe batons is they are continually reusable with batteries.

    *Our LED Strobe Batons require 6 AAA batteries (not included)


  • LED-Bottle-Lights

    LED Bottle Sparklers



    ViP Sparklers is excited to announce we now offer LED Bottle Sparklers. This is the first authentic alternative to our most popular bottle sparklers. We understand a lot of our venues are unable to use our nightclub bottles sparklers, but ViP Sparklers has put together a brand new nightclub product to grab the entire clubs attention! Our LED Bottle Sparklers are packed with the brightest LED lights which makes this product the ideal alternative if you are unable use bottle sparklers. ViP Sparklers always strives to be the leader in the nightclub scene and wants no club to be left behind. We believe every customer who orders bottle service should feel ViP! With our LED Bottle Sparklers you will not have to worry about alarm discharges or fire Marshall visits!

  • LED glasses

    LED Sound Activated Rave Glasses


    These Sound Activated Rave Glasses go with any music. These LED Rave Glasses are USB Rechargeable so the party never stops! They dance with the bass and treble the same time you do. Our sound activated LED Rave glasses have two sensitivity options, Hi and Low and an On/Off Switch. Wear the hottest item on the market. Sound activated to let you JAM out to your favorite music. Use them at Concerts, Ultra Raves, Parties, Nightclubs!

  • glow necklaces

    Club Glow Necklaces



    Let us help you light up the night with our assorted glow necklaces. These vibrant nightclub glow necklaces last for over ten hours and are only a one time use. Our light up glow necklaces have been seen at major events like ULTRA in Miami and major other concerts.  For festivals we offer amazing bulk glow necklaces sales. Wear your glow necklaces in anyway you wish: as a halo or necklace!  Let our glow necklaces be the statement of your outfit or event! To activate your nightclub glow necklaces snap them and then shake it until the entire necklace is glowing!  We offer our light up glow necklaces in packs of fifty and one hundred. A growing trend with our glow necklaces is during the wedding exit. Guests can either wear the light up glow necklaces or sling them as the bride and groom exit their reception!  Make sure to check out our other glow items!

  • nightclub LED menu

    LED Nightclub Menus


    LED Menu’s for nightclubs and restaurants are becoming increasingly popular!  When the party or event is dark make the LED nightclub menus glow making it easy for your customers to see what’s on your menu! These light up menus are taking the nightclubs by storm.  It helps make all of your nightclub bottle selection easy to see and be ordered! These rechargeable light up menus last 6-8 hours continuously lit on a single charge (charger included). This menu measures 10.5″ x 17″ the insert size (light up area) is 8.5″ x 14″. Consider our LED Menus when purchasing our champagne bottle sparklers for your nightclub!

  • LED foam sticks

    LED Foam Sticks



    LED Foam sticks are the best way to get your entire event or nightclub into the action and fun! These foam glow sticks have become one of the newest and most popular nightclub products in recent history. Our foam light sticks have the brightest glow amongst all competition and the longest battery life.  These LED Foam Sticks have three pulse settings.  These light up foam sticks will make your entire nightclub or venue glow.  We offer the cheapest prices on LED Foam sticks whether your event is small or large.  We even offer custom orders on our LED foam sticks.

  • LED Fedora Hats


    Our LED Fedora Hats with vibrant flashing lights are appearing in the clubs quickly!   These light up Fedora Hats look great at all events and add that extra pizzaz. ViP Sparklers LED Fedora Hats allow you to set three different paces with steady light, random, and blink!  One size fits all with this LED Fedora hat!  Check out all of our colors!  These are great for club giveaways or special events!